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Yvonne Forward Psychotherapy & Counselling

The unique secure boundaries and confidentiality enables clients to share experiences and feelings that they may never have been able to talk about before plus the growing attachment relationship in therapy gives you the opportunity to mourn past losses and explore the impact of important relationships on your life – both current and past.​​​​​

If how I work sounds of interest to you then perhaps we can meet for an initial free of charge consultation of 40 minutes to talk over your reasons for seeking therapy and to see how you find working with me.

Who am I ?

Contact: 07958 310348

Recommended Practitioner 

After completing my degree in 1992, and working at a series of uninspiring jobs,  I began to build up an interest in mental health & wellbeing and enrolled on a one year foundation course in Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents College, London. This introduction motivated me to train for a further four  years  at The Bowlby Centre, London.

During this time I discovered a deeper understanding of how secure and supportive relationships in childhood enable us to develop a sense of who we are and are likely to be indicative of struggles you are faced with as an adult.

​​​​​​I now have over fifteen years experience working with both individuals and couples from many different backgrounds, ages and with varied reasons for seeking therapy -  including anxiety and phobias, depression, addiction, loss and bereavement, the impact of trauma and abuse, relationship and parenting difficulties, self harming, eating disorders to name but a few.

Though my own personal therapeutic journey, both before and during the training, I am passionate about what psychotherapy can offer and the changes that can be achieved.